Milda Šiulytė

Social communication project “Thoughts and reflections Ease”

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Prof. Aušra Lisauskienė

“Ease” is a social communications project aiming to draw attention to a rising number of generation Y members suffering from daily tension, anxiety, stress and other negative emotions, as well as various mental health disorders they lead to. The visual project is built around young people’s authentic stories and images, which reflect their inner conflicts and urge the viewers to analyse their own thoughts and be aware of others’ experiences. The sharing of thoughts, expectations, opinions or feelings strengthens interpersonal connections and – most importantly – helps us understand ourselves better. Sometimes a simple question “How do you really feel?” can lead to knowing the other person better, as well to their own inner liberation. The project also presents the concept of an internet platform: a website in which one can anonymously share their spontaneous thoughts and be heard. If you can’t summarize your state of mind with one word, use many. What is happening in your head? How does it make you feel?

Talking about feelings is not a sign of weakness – it is a way of taking care of one’s emotional and mental health.

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