Odeta Numgaudytė

Ecological chocolate packaging MAYA

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Lect. Vytas Palavinskas

Ecological chocolate packaging “Maya” is produced from recycled paper using its filament formation technology. Today in Lithuania the same technology is used to make egg and vegetable packaging. The production of packaging is a high environmental level and takes part in waste recycling system. Recycling of paper waste decreases the amount of waste and environmental pollution, saves primary natural resources – “one tone of recycled paper saves around 17 trees, 27.000 litres of water and 2500 kW of energy”. Moreover, it encourages the secondary usage, creates closed paper using and its’ waste recycling cycle and saves the half-life of paper. The purpose of my work – to create ecological relief chocolate packaging and introduce a new material in the confectionary packaging segment.

Paper filament formation technology has a lot of advantages – there is no water waste, no unnecessary paper waste is left, the end product is completely recyclable and has no negative effect in contact with food products, it creates no nature pollution and saves natural resources. According to Lithuanian hygiene rules and chocolate quality saving provisions, confectionary products are first
sealed packed into foil and because of that the ecological chocolate packaging has product exterior saving, exporting and esthetical functions.

Creating esthetical recycled paper form, as a sign of high quality chocolate and nature saving value symbol was chosen that of growers of cocoa tree plantations and cocoa drink inventors – Mayan civilization iconographic legacy. For the graphics of the packaging, the pictures of cocoa gods, Mayan calendar elements and relief wall decorations are used.

The set of ecological packaging is made of 8 recycled paper packaging. The first one is designed for a round chocolate bar, the second one – for a standard bar and six circle ones for various taste chocolate candy. For the export of six circle packagings the case for the set is presented. The case is made from pasteboard which can be decorated with various graphic elements. The ecological packaging set “Maya” looks into further packaging waste usage prospect. In Lithuania these are priority environmental fields. Therefore the secondary usage of paper waste for chocolate packaging is an optimal variant trying to achieve a cleaner environment and exceptional design.

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