Omnigroup is a graphic design studio run by Leonardo Azzolini and Simon Mager. Established in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2016, the studio operates within the fields of visual identity, typeface, web and editorial design.

Omnigroup’s practice is seen as a container where various skills can merge and are expressed together towards a common goal. Creating visual tools is at the base of their collaborative practice and directly influences the development of a specific visual language within design projects of various scales. Omnigroup gives workshops and lectures at universities in Switzerland and abroad. 

Next to their graphic design practice the studio runs the digital type foundry Omnitype, specializing on the design and the distribution of retail and custom typefaces. 

The Studio has been awarded with the Prix David Rust, 2016, the Swiss Design Awards, 2017, The Josef Müller-Brockmann Price 2019 and was nominated for the Swiss Design Awards 2021 and 2022.