Patricija Kell

Animated video En Passant

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Faculty of Vilnius, Graphic design
Associate professor: Doc. Marius Zalneravicius

The animated film „Crossing the Line” asks the question: how do you win an unfair game that you have to win? This game is a reflection of Lithuanian history, inviting us to recall the difficult struggle of the people that led to the restoration of Lithuania’s independence in 1990. The animation provides a view of the country’s condition and system at the time, its relationship with the occupying power and important expressions of the quest for freedom and disobedience. The chess players’ choices, moves and cruel and contemptuous attitudes are directly compared to the events of the time, people’s experiences and the inhuman oppression, when freedom was not an everyday reality but a struggle. Drawing on real historical moments and personalities, a visual metaphor of an unfair game of chess is created, helping to tell the story of Lithuania and reminding us why freedom and dignity should never be neglected.