Pilypas Savickas

Melittology (apiology/apiculture) renaissance: beekeeping and design reciprocity: IoT-based beekeeping and design solutions

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Associate professor:  Doc. Dr. Rasa Janulevičiūtė

With the agrarian revolution changing agricultural methodologies, the need for the cross-pollination of cultivated plants is increasing rapidly. Beekeeping is becoming one of the most important sectors of agriculture, gaining popularity in both rural and urban areas. The implementation of modern technologies, such as additional sensors, IoT-based data transfer principles, artificial intelligence and cooperation with a prohiver.com team urges the development of a smart hive monitoring system that enables remote tracking of foraging and analysis of the situation of apiaries within a radius of 5 km. Also, this system alerts the beekeeper to potential disease symptoms and the risk of swarming.