Regina Stonytė

Visual communication of an archival platform for creatives and designers Re-exposition

Vilniaus dizaino kolegija
Supervisor: Dovilė Džervutė

This project is a visual communication system for the Public Domain City archival platform which allows people to download and use art images that have expired copyrigh or
authorship. Three main themes were selected – Krantinės arka, a sculpture by Vladas Urbanavičius, commonly called „The Pipe”, The Green Bridge sculptures and Vilnius graffiti art. Open-source illustrations, appearing in different contexts throughout the publication, revive the artworks and tell different stories. By experimenting playfully, pieces of art can be fragmented, interwoven with contemporary imagery. Different size, color and numeration of the publications reflect the differences between their topics and invite the reader to take part in further continuation, emplying the principles of the platform.

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