Rūta Kepalaitė

Real Look

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Supervisor doc. Renata Maldutienė

Underwear: recognizing the distinction of skin in a creatvive experimental collection

Creative Experimental Collection „Real Look” is a collection of inspirational girls with a distinct skin. In the creative experiment of the women’s underwear collection, the “imperfections” of the skin are presented in artistic terms and help to familiarize the society with a different appearance of the skin and to deny the existing perfect body standards. This Master’s Thesis analyzes the experiences of people with skin problems, which make them an inspiration for creative experiments and the creation of the collection.

The first chapter analyzes four aspects that are raised as basis for creating a collection:
Social equality – skin tones;

The distinction through the “defect” of the skin – vitiligo, freckles, moles, pigmented spots;
A tool for self-expression – tattoos;

Human nature – animal patterns.

The second chapter describes the experiences of people with “imperfect” body and psychological defensive mechanisms that are used. The work relies on the experience of seven women with different skin conditions – with the exceptional look.

The third section is devoted to creative experiments that deal with skin defects. Deepening to skin texture, looking at the skin in a medical way. The fourth chapter is dedicated to discussing and presenting the creative collection’s development strategy. At the end of the theoretical work, conclusions are presented to discuss the results of the master’s thesis.

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