Rūta Kvaščevičiūtė

Clothes collection “The LAP”

A lap is a place on one’s knees or a part of an apron for carrying harvested goods. A lap is pleasant routine and care that I experienced in my childhood. For me, a lap also means close relationship to my family. I grew up in a family of four women and during my early years spent my days with my grand grandmother, a devout woman, who would say daily prayers for everyone, dead or alive. She was over 90 years old and for her the ratio of dead and still alive people was pretty uneven, therefore praying took a lot of time. I learned to make the sign of the cross before I uttered my first “mama”, not to mention the lack of children’s games. We would harvest potatoes, make brooms, and, in secret from my mother, threw away oranges, as those were “the Devil’s fruit”. In the evenings, my grandma, who worked as a teacher, would take over: she would make me sandwiches with smoked sausage and bring me to the garden to pull weeds. My weekends were spent with my mother – a judge with an 80’s spirit. Here I could rephrase Tolstoy’s quote: “all happy children are alike; all children of judges are unhappy in their own ways. My godmother used hear appearance as a kind of declaration of sexual freedom, a declaration for which the year 2000 was not yet ready. I can only presume that it was about freedom, about being oneself, no matter what. Because what else could be declared by a G-string, showing above the top of her jeans…My worldview was formed somewhere between milking cows and “Swarovski” bracelets.

This work aims at bringing the uniqueness and aesthetics of all these women into a single narrator of our history.

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