Samanta Skridlaitė

Therapeutic device TULIP

Scar tissue that results from a surgery or an injury reduces the quality of life: it causes physical, psychological and cosmetic discomfort, restricts movement, can cause health problems like organ dysfunction and infections. TULIP is a therapeutic device for both individual use and professional scar treatment. It also features other functions for health improvement. The product was developed in cooperation with the Finnish company “eGOOD”. Lately treatment of scars has been given more and more attention due to the growing number of surgeries (e.g. based on the latest research data, 1 out of 5 women give birth through a Cesarean section). Currently the therapy for treating scars is performed only in medical institutions, but in order to ensure more effective healing it is necessary to continue the therapy at home. It is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions of a specialist when using the Tulip device, but nevertheless, the possibility to continue treatment at hoe helps to heal quicker and decrease the costs.

Contents: the device with replaceable heads (4 different suction heads, 4 massage heads), wireless charger, pouch.

The scar tissue is treated by using negative pressure therapy is used to treat scar tissue, while massage is suitable for easing muscle fatigue, joint or blood circulation problems, and strains. Both therapies can be used concurrently to relieve painful spots.

The device’s shape features ergonomic design and intuitive use. There are several modes available that can be used based on skin type. The product was developed in cooperation with the Finnish company “eGOOD” which focuses on treating pelvic area muscles. All the company’s devices bear the CE mark in accordance to the EU regulation 2017/245 on medical device requirements and the ISO 13485:2016 standard, therefore hey are suitable for professional use. TULIP was created with the help of the medicine specialist Ant Parantainen and other team members.

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