Samanta Zykaitė

Japanese aesthetic codes in clothes collection „SHÉ”

Historically, two cultures – the Eastern and the Western – have existed for a long time, and the Eastern has always been a source of inspiration. Japanese aesthetics is characterized by the belief that beauty lies in the most plain and ordinary things. In order to discover freedom within oneself, one needs to become detached from the world and then to look for inspiration within. Harmony is the goal of both cultures, but many things in the Western life have changed when Eastern philosophy subtly and easily entered the Western world, bringing new ideas and becoming its integral part.

One of the philosophies of the Japanese aesthetics, Wabi Sabi’s theory, states that every detail around us is unique in its beauty. We can also apply the basic aesthetic ideologies in the context of today’s fashion, thus making it more interesting. This collection focuses on the five most important aesthetic categories – kanso, shizen, datsuzoku, yugen and fukinsei.

The collection “Shé” has all these aesthetic categories depicted in a simple silhouette of the garment, multiple layers, transparency, incompleteness and asymmetry, as well as unexpected elements that can be transformed, thus enabling a constant rediscovery of garments. The collection also features exceptional fabrics decorated with fine zigzag stitches.

This collection is designed for women who want to improve their inner identity and seek to reveal their attitude towards the Japanese aesthetics and philosophy through a material expression.

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