Saulė Kašėtaitė


“Plant’s Utopia” is a speculative design project revealing the vision of the future, in which nature will be replaced by perfected plant hybrids of our creation. The line between the natural world and modern technology disappears. Humans take on the role of God and create new life forms from organic and mechanical materials. However, the following question arises: how many of these perfections will be beneficial and won’t they lead to a future catastrophe, caused by uncontrolled processes?

In the natural world everything is connected by a common network. If one tries to improve it, it is possible to cause serious damage by destroying the existing balance between living organisms that interact with each other. Over the last couple of decades, people’s views towards nature have drastically changed. The desire to benefit from it as much as possible has taken new forms. If earlier we detonated mountains, pumped oil and cut down forests in order to fulfil our consumerist desires, today we are invading the information passed down throughout generations – the genome of living organisms.

In the video you will see the relationship between humans and plants and how it has changed over time. The link with plants is analyzed through metaphysical and household aspects. The instructional pamphlet and the vials inside the box provide the consumer with an opportunity to create artificial life forms which are not based on any existing natural analogues. However, it is impossible to control the processes which happen after foreign or synthetic genes are inserted into the genome of the plant. The practical benefits and dangers of such organisms are completely unknown and determined by experiments only.

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