Simona Gluškevičiūtė


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Assoc. prof. Juozas Brundza

This is a drone designed for professional filming and observation. The hang-glider has installed automatic control and flight planning system which maximally simplifies the control of the hang-glider. It does not require an experienced pilot for precise flights and it is outright ready for them. The body of the hang-glider is adapted for transporting. The legs are bendable and lean against the body. Quadracopter can be easily put into a bag-pack and transported from one filming object to another. The project of Quadracopter is also a part of “Open – Future enterprise team” project. The purpose of the “Open” project – strengthen the participants’ knowledge and ability to create, develop and realize enterprise ideas for innovative products. This innovative enterprise training system is already successfully working for several years in “Demola” centre in Finland. The participants in this project are bachelor and master students from all Lithuanian higher education schools and lecturers from KTU, LKKA, VDA, VIKO, VGTU and VTDK. The project is curated by UAB “Aedilis”. The task – to create a unique product which would be supported technically and suit the market requirements, as well as create its business plan. To create a Quadrocopter was a team work. The team was comprised of electronics, mechanics, economics and design specialists.

The theme of Quadrocopter was selected because of the project’s uniqueness and innovative potential. The most popular area of copter usage – filming. This type of filming is becoming more and more popular, because it can replace expensive filming lifts of plane renting expenses. However filming with copters also has some drawbacks – the two person team is needed. One person is controlling the copter and the other one is camera operator. This kind of team work requires a lot of effort. In order to remove this drawback the automatisation of flight and filming is required. To customize it to a person, who has no piloting experience and completely abandon the operator. The purpose of the team was to create an unpiloted autonomic hang-glider. The hang-glider could be used not only for filming, but also for perform a territory maintenance work. The hanggliders could replace people in risky situations, when it is needed to inspect items that are located high from the ground (e.g. high voltage electric line control and surveillance). The work of a designer in this project – to create the visual aesthetics of quadracopter, which would be equal to high end robotechnics.

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