Simonas Milišauskas

Concept of prosthetics for completely amputated fingers CHRONO

The aim of the project CHRONO is to create a relatively cheap prosthesis for people with fully amputated fingers, which would enhance the functionality of the wounded hand, improve the person’s psychological well-being and help to recover the feeling of being whole again. The prosthesis was created by using 3D scanning, 3D printing and flexible mechanism technologies. CHRONO’s design strengthens the ability to grab, hold, push and grasp, while not obstructing the natural movement of the palm. In comparison with other prostheses, it has solid, inexpensive, aesthetic, and not lifelike design.

The artificial finger is controlled with the help of a healthy finger next to it. Its perforated surface ensures that the skin can breathe, thus avoiding perspiration. The prosthesis is attached to the palm with a leather strap. It consists of two elements and also contains antibacterial material that is placed between the plastic and the hand. Each of these parts can be easily duplicated, therefore, in cases where any part of the prosthesis wears down or breaks, they can be replaced cheaply. The innovative plastic “joint” bends without the need to use complex mechanisms. The ability to appreciate one‘s wounded body part and not hide it is essential when striving to restore one’s psychological well-being.

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