Urtė Kavaliauskaitė

Nexus: a synthesis of recognizable fashion objects and an artistic expression of architect Joris Putteneers

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Associate professor: Lect. Evelina Dragūnienė

The Nexus fashion project aims to create a capsule collection called Nexus, inspired by Joris Putteneers’ artistic expression and the concept of a capsule wardrobe. The collection features 13 classic-style products that can easily be mixed and matched, resulting in over 36 stylistic combinations. The designs are achieved through collage techniques, digital sketching and a focus on asymmetry, pleats, cuts and open edges. The collection promotes versatility and layering, allowing users to customize their outfits to suit different needs and preferences. Overall, Nexus offers a unique and cohesive fashion experience.