Urtė Šmitaitė

Spider bin

Vilnius Academy of Arts

Spider bin is a universal and economical sorting solution for recyclable materials. Spider bin is easily moved from one place to another (when frame is used as a handle). Spider bin can be used at home, work space as well as outside the house. It is easily transported and stored, because it occupies little space when not in use. Frame is produced from HPL panels that are cut by CNC machine, so it does not require additional hand-work and can be immediately sent to the buyer. The bin (4 legs + 5 screws + bag) comes in an envelope. It is easily assembled and transformed (as a pop-up bin) in a single move. The customer can choose a bag that goes together with the frame out of many options: reusable bag (mesh / cloth) / usual non-reusable bag (plastic) / set of bags for four sections in one frame (cardboard / paper). Bags are easy to attach to the frame and different colors identify different sorting groups. The customer can choose the size and the number of Spider bins according to their needs.

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