Urtė Vosyliūtė

“Memory of items“

Assoc. prof. Dainius Bendikas, Assoc. prof. Alevtina Ščepatova

The aim of thesis “Memory of items“ – to find the roots of identity and to identify the style of personal work. The object of research is a set of personal items, the content of which is divided into groups in order to find the features that connect the objects and delve into the emotions generated by them. In an effort to cover a wider field of fashion design, the work is divided into three parts: a capsule clothing collection, an experimental fashion design object, and a commercial piece – a white t-shirt. The womenswear collection is based on a visual and associative analysis of personal items. The second part – experimental design object – examines the importance of memory in observation and evaluation of the environment around us. The experimental object is presented in video format, which reveals the performative aspect of action. The third part of the work is a commercial t-shirt that reveals a personal relationship between a person and his memories.