Viktorija Kuliavaitė

21st Century Textile Design Practices: Interactive carpet for preschool children

Vilnius Academy of Arts
Associate professor: doc. dr. Rūta Būtėnaitė, prof. dr. Elona Lubytė

Interactive carpets have been designed to stimulate children’s engagement and development. The creative object depicts various locations in Lithuania: the Kernavė castle mounds, a part of the Siesarties stream in Ukmergė district and the lakes of Kirkilai in Biržai district. An interactive rug game invites children and the whole family to put the objects in place. The colours of the carpets in the daylight introduce the autumn, spring and summer colours, while in the evening the carpets show the colours of winter. The interactive textured carpets stimulate children’s development and introduce them to lesser-known areas of Lithuania.