Viktorija Rozenbergaitė ir Paulius Stalionis

Opposing the aggression of mainstream fashion. ANTI. MAS

Vilnius college of design
Supervisor: assoc. prof. Alevtina Ščepanova

The global fashion industry is currently entrenched in economic, cultural and social spheres, which shape one’s worldview, behaviour and system of values – in a way, they control one’s life. Sadly, the industry associated with fashion manipulates the aforementioned fields, as well as the media, to create a massive consumerist empire, speeding up unification and diminishing the need for self-expression. These observations inspired the unique tendency of ANTI.MAS, which is also the result of the authors’ investigative and creative work. It is the resistance to mainstream fashion: strict opposing of pre-formed tendencies, unifying brand names and the spread of negative information by the media. The aforementioned tendency grounds the choice of curved and wavy silhouettes and cuts which dominate ANTI. MAS. All elements are essentially similar, but differently articulated, allowing us to avoid overly similar works within the collection. All clothes are significantly different, but unified by the colour scheme. Contrasting patches allow certain details, cuts or properties of the materials to emerge in the intentional chaos of fabrics. Most of them are also created by the authors themselves, aiming to preserve the uniqueness of the collection. The colour scheme is bright and intense, with the essential shades being citrus-yellow and red. Yellow creates tension and teases the viewer, while red works as the loud, alarming and threatening colour of revolution. The choice of this scheme was determined by the aim to emphasize individuality, to show that the wearer is not afraid to stand out with their confidence, to tease, provoke and resist mainstream fashion. They epitomize being in contrast with unified society.

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