Viktorija Stundytė

Eating experiences: table attribute design

Assoc. prof. Mantas Lesauskas, Assoc. prof. Julija Mazūrienė

Tableware serves as a connection between the food and the eater, which has an impact on sensory perception of food and eating behavior. Expression reflected in the shape of tableware items both contributes to the sensory perception of food and creates space for learning – it coordinates eating behavior in order to enhance mindful eating and focus on food choices and quantity. This experience during the eating process concerns not only the pleasures of eating, but also looking for broader implications of eating, which is a part of a sustainable food system vision that starts with the table and the choice of ‘what, how, and why’ we are eating. The series of design objects aimed to create the sensory perception of food consists of seven different types of tableware accessories – serving dishes for water, berries, vegetables, eggs, seafood, meat and desserts.