Vilius Juodžiukynas


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Lect. Renatas Šukys

The idea – to convey visually light, plastic shape volumetric objects by invoking the forms of nature where expressive, unique and easily perceived forms would be apprehensive from all sides. It is desirable, these objects to influence the environment as peculiar spatial sculptures.

The objective:
– To create three unique, light forms furniture – objects;
– To prepare them for the production;
– Use Voronoi’s diagrams in the process of production;
– To go into the practice of physical laws as creating the shape of the furniture.

We are a part of the second industrial revolution, 3D format printing is going to change every aspect of our lives. Nowadays machinery can print objects from various things: from nylon to glass, from chocolate to titanium… In any involution!

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