Austėja Babenskaitė


‚Xo‘ lamp-coatrack is designed for both living and working space as well as for the hallway. The aim of this work is to transform a lamp to a universal piece of furniture by joining several functions. The lamp consists of several parts: wood frame, designed not only to support the light source but also to hang the clothes, and illuminative disc, which is both the light source and a mirror.

The constructionis simple, light but stable as well. The materials that were used (wood, organic and plate-organic glass) are clean and light. The form is minimalistic, dynamic and suitable for both small and large spaces; it goes along with any interior. ‘Xo’ lamp/coatrack is designed for various groups of people who seek for aesthetics and functionality.




Vilnius Academy of Arts

Design department

Lect. Julija Mazūrienė