Dainius Bendikas


He is a space philosopher/traveller in his thoughts. His mind is completely calm, unaffected by time, simultaneously levitating. He is a character of dynamic sub-consciousness. This collection or ensemble is a selected group of different characters from the dominating plot; they are connected to each other by one progressive emotional bond which is marked by continuous evolution. The color code of the collection is identified by observing the surface of the moon and its change during the eclipse that happened on 26 June 2010. Complex construction-modelling method is applied to create the silhouettes, shapes and details. They are characteristic of functional adaptability which makes one feel free, move free and think free. The solutions of cutting, constructing and designing both garments and shoes are original in their essence and infuse the aesthetics and design of his collection with novelty.




WINNER, 2011


Vilnius Academy of Arts
Fashion design department

Assoc. prof. Jolanta Talaikytė

Visvaldas Morkevičius

Robertas Ulinskas
Andrej Podkopajev
Vytautas Bagdanavičius