Miglė Ceinorytė

Miglė Ceinorytė

CAPTCHA exercises

This art project focuses on the effect of visual fallibility of typography on the reader and the extensive analysis of real cases of typographical fallibility. Such fallibility is manifested through macro and micro typography. Macro typography is fallible due to the failure to follow the Gestalt principles, the incorrect choice of fonts and the lack of consideration of font connotations. Micro typographic  fallibility if often the result of poor parameters of character cohesion and improper typing. The depreciating effect of time is also an important factor, while coincidence may also cause visual typographic fallibility.

In trying to answer the question of the importance of visual fallibility on the reader, I analyze the reading process by taking into account the modern technologies that have made a considerable influence on typographic communication and significantly changed the communication habits by actualizing instant communication.

Here the CAPTCHA phenomenon – a response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human– becomes relevant. Often it is a test of text recognition based on OCR technology. A visually damaged typographic composition is created in such a way that while a human would need minimum effort to decipher the displayed text, a computer would find this task impossible. It’s worth noting that research shows character recognition tests to be more difficult than expected for humans to complete. Therefore, in order to figure out the influence of typography mistakes on the relevant everyday communication processes I reject the human factor . I refute context and experience and thus, by interfering with the natural reading process, I give the viewer an opportunity to experience the everyday tricky occurrences of typography by solving CAPTCHA exercises.

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