2015 Vidmina Stasiulyte

Vidmina Stasiulytė

Artist, researcher and fashion designer, whose work combines the fields of non-visual aesthetics, incarnation of sound, somatic design and social inclusion. Her practice is interdisciplinary: after graduating with a bachelor's degree in fashion design, Vidmina continued her master's project on sound at the Department of Photography and Media Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts. In her doctoral research, these experiences merged into “Sound Fashion”. In 2020, Vidmina defended her doctoral dissertation at the Swedish Textile School (ArcIntexETN, an international doctoral program) at the University of Bourgas, which were presented in various journals and conferences in Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada and Pakistan. Her doctoral research was funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.



Fashion design