• Paulius Buragas

    Paulius Buragas

    Teletourism system Prof. Juozas Brundza Teleturism systems purpose is to create an opportunity to (tele)travel for those who can not due to physical disability, lack of resources, commitments or to visit places which are difficult to reach. System consists of a drone and storage capsule, system works autonomously. Media from drone is being streamed directly…

  • Lukas Ivanavičius

    Lukas Ivanavičius

    “The Bigger The Better” Assoc. prof. Justė Tarvydienė The topic of collection thesis was determined by the long-term establishment of unisex, oversize styles in fashion. XX a. The clothing trends that became popular in the 1990s, “erased” the differences between women’s and men’s clothing, evolved into visual body transformations in the 21st century. Collection focused…

  • Elena Motiejūnaitė

    Elena Motiejūnaitė

    Socio-Communication project, Virtual Reality installation: The Forgotten Woods Nowadays commerce influences not only people’s lifestyle and leisure, but also children’s education. Commercialism of fairytales has also become a common phenomenon, which not only influences the survival of the fairytale tradition, but also transforms the meaning and effect of fairytales. Child psychologist Bruno Bettelheim who noticed…

  • Justina Navickaitė

    Justina Navickaitė

    Speculative project SOL 01.01.01 With the threat of Earth’s destruction becoming more real, the search for a backup plan become more and more relevant. One of such possibilities is the colonization of Mars. According to NASA scientists, humans will make their first steps on the surface of Mars as soon as 2030, and it is…

  • Vestina Petrauskaitė

    Vestina Petrauskaitė

    KITONAS – virtual reality simulation of movement disability for increasing public empathy  “Kitonas” = “kitas” (other, different) + on (engagement). Today’s society lacks proper empathy skills, therefore, direct communication with physically disabled people often is limited to a one-directional feeling of suffering, while at the same time ignoring the subject’s true emotions which, actually, contain…



    A series of publications EVOLUTION OF MUSIC ALBUMS DESIGN Vilnius College of DesignSupervisor – Justė Brukštutė Design of music albums is a separate form of art that can not only define the sound or the message of a certain band, but also reveal cultural, artistic or even historical contexts. This work analyses the creations of…

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