Collection CONSCIOUSNESS Vilnius Academy of ArtsSupervisor – professor Valmantas Gutauskas The unconventional adornment “Consciousness” is a combination of glass and metal containing a moss structure within. The object’s plastic design represents the pulsation of life molded into a shape. These accessories are designed for people who suffer from stress, fatigue or loneliness. While taking care…

  • Mantas Petkelis

    Mantas Petkelis

    Amphibian velomobile „Rusnė“ Vilnius Academy of ArtsSupervisor: doc. Šarūnas Šlektavičius „Rusnė“ is a typologically unusual vehicle, created by combining the best qualities of land and water transport. It can be used for daily commute on mixed surface conditions, as well as for recreation.

  • Greta Janutytė

    Greta Janutytė

    Social project/installation  „Helping response“ Vilnius Academy of ArtsSupervisor: assoc. prof. Robertas Jucaitis Amidst their daily routines and constant rush, members of society shut their eyes and remain blind to their environment, become apathetic and insensitive to the events that don’t affect them directly. This detachment becomes a serious threat to the wellbeing of society and…

  • Viktorija Vainiutė

    Viktorija Vainiutė

    Leftovers Vilnius Academy of ArtsSupervisors: assoc. prof. B. Zdramytė, asst. B. Staškauskas “Leftovers” is a series of objects made of biological human relicts, which detach naturally from the body. The title encompasses hair (cut off or fallen out), milk teeth, old, naturally peeling skin and cut off nails. These works are inspired by the style…

  • Aistė Bankauskaitė

    Aistė Bankauskaitė

    Laser micromachining workstation design Vilnius Academy of ArtsSupervisors: prof. Saulius Jarašius, Egidijus Valentinavičius The project goal was to design a functional and visually attractive laser micro-machining workstation. By lifting the upper lid, side and back doors one can easily reach everything just in few seconds. All doors are automated and activated through a touchscreen interface…

  • Neringa Pučkoriūtė

    Neringa Pučkoriūtė

    Panemunės pilis memorabilia Vilnius Academy of ArtsProf. Romualdas Inčirauskas The collection of individual pins creates a view of Panemunė Castle, but each pin exists separately as an independent object as well. The work consists of 121 pins. Each of them has an individual place in the general view of the castle, as well as its…

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