Young Designer Prize 23′ exposition at Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre

Seventeen of the most promising young designers exhibited at exposition at Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (KCCC) (Didžioji Vandens g. 2, Klaipėda).

„The Young Designer Prize is an annual competition initiated by the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA). It’s main goal is to discover and showcase the most promising graduation works from design field. This year the competition was organised for the thirteenth time and received 90 applications from 10 Lithuanian and foreign higher education institutions. The entries were divided into different categories: product, communication, fashion, interior design and design research.

„The projects exhibited respond to global issues and seek solutions to them, encouraging society to rethink its relationship with people, objects and the environment. The competition participants had a particular focus on social themes. Young designers tackle topical issues such as the climate crisis, war or social problems. A large part of the entries aim to change established values and empower people to live more comfortably and sustainably,” says Daina Eičaitė, Project Manager of the Design Innovation Centre at Vilnius Academy of Arts and curator of the Young Designer Award.

This year, for the first time, the entries were judged by a panel of international design professionals: Kristian Snorre Andersen (Denmark), CEO and founder of the virtual design and crafts gallery ADORNO, Alessandro Maria Ferreri (Italy), an expert in luxury fashion brands, and Omnigroup (Switzerland), a graphic design studio, Liene Jākobsone (Latvia), Partner of the architecture and design office Sampling, researcher and lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Arts, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka (Poland), professor, curator, researcher and writer of numerous exhibitions promoting design in Poland and Europe.

The architecture and visual communication of the 2023 exhibition helps to shed light on the creative process of young designers, which is often a bit chaotic, full of drafts, mock-ups and mind-maps. The ropes used in the exhibition equipment bring together different categories, ideas and the field of research.

Young Designer Prize

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