Pavel Shmeliov

Navigation of Vilnius public transportation system

Vilnius College of Design
Supervisor Aurimas Gaižauskas

Vilnius transport system gets upgraded with fast and comfortable buses, however, the navigation system we use is highly inefficient. The project consists of updated public transport scheme, navigation system, dynamic app and the identity that combines all these elements. The main principle of the project – navigation has to be present where users expect it to be.

This transport scheme refutes traditional geographic representation, while links between transport stops and routes are depicted in great detail, so that passengers could be able to track and plan their trips. From now on the fast lines will be displayed in different colors. The updated transport stops display information on important directions, nearby stops and options for faster traveling.

The new app not only plots the route from A to B, but also responds to users’ actions. If the passenger gets mistaken, he or she will be momentarily informed on what steps to take next.

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