Daukantė Subačiūtė

A preparation of an interesting CV should not only be an occupation of graphic designers, necessary only for representatives of art specialities. Well-chosen media can become a good supportive material, revealing peculiarities and obtained attributes of previous or aspiring work. Selected materials, using computer programmes well known to designers, could help hide the missing skills of the candidate, and accurately chosen form – reveal more than a ordinary white A4 size sheet of paper could. Exploring analogues, it can be seem that even graphic designers their own CV sometimes present on a milk carton, even though they have nothing in common with the milk. Therefore, the chosen form of CV should complement the text and not contradict with it. After analysing a hundred random CVs, the mistakes done became clear. The information given in the articles “How to write a CV” I generalized with a publication, in which every fact is supported by at least three references. I also visualized and some dopey offers, such as “You could write life itself in the work experience section”. With the research revealing the positive employers’ outlook on video CV, there is a suspicion that otherwise aired CV could also rejoice.


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Vilnius Academy of Arts
Graphic design department

Lect. Marius Bartkus