Additional prize

  • Aurelija Slapšytė

    Aurelija Slapšytė

    Typographic project ENDANGERED DUNES Slow extinction is a natural process that has been taking place from the first day of the Earth’s existence. Due to the constant human assimilation with the environment, the process of extinction is difficult to notice until the very last minute when the critical damage is already done. While the Earth’s…

  • Samanta Zykaitė

    Samanta Zykaitė

    Japanese aesthetic codes in clothes collection „SHÉ” Historically, two cultures – the Eastern and the Western – have existed for a long time, and the Eastern has always been a source of inspiration. Japanese aesthetics is characterized by the belief that beauty lies in the most plain and ordinary things. In order to discover freedom…

  • Miglė Ceinorytė

    Miglė Ceinorytė

    CAPTCHA exercises This art project focuses on the effect of visual fallibility of typography on the reader and the extensive analysis of real cases of typographical fallibility. Such fallibility is manifested through macro and micro typography. Macro typography is fallible due to the failure to follow the Gestalt principles, the incorrect choice of fonts and…

  • Marcelė Kuliešiūtė

    Marcelė Kuliešiūtė

    Design object ALIVE ALIVE is a dynamic object based on biophilic design principles. While researching the topic of alive design, this project was inspired by water – the foundation and source of all life. First of all, what is biophilic design? This is a relatively new design method, based on the biophilia hypothesis (Biophilia, 1984)…



    Sensus Vilnius Academy of ArtsSupervisor lect.:Deividas Juozulynas Sensus – a wearable adjustable navigation device for the blind and visually impaired. It uses an infrared sensor which detects an obstacle and sends a vibration that intensifies when an obstacle is getting closer. The device can be attached to almost anything. It uses different parts that can…

  • Pavel Shmeliov

    Pavel Shmeliov

    Navigation of Vilnius public transportation system Vilnius College of DesignSupervisor Aurimas Gaižauskas Vilnius transport system gets upgraded with fast and comfortable buses, however, the navigation system we use is highly inefficient. The project consists of updated public transport scheme, navigation system, dynamic app and the identity that combines all these elements. The main principle of…

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