Main prize

  • Viktorija Kuliavaitė

    Viktorija Kuliavaitė

    21st Century Textile Design Practices: Interactive carpet for preschool children Vilnius Academy of ArtsAssociate professor: doc. dr. Rūta Būtėnaitė, prof. dr. Elona Lubytė Interactive carpets have been designed to stimulate children’s engagement and development. The creative object depicts various locations in Lithuania: the Kernavė castle mounds, a part of the Siesarties stream in Ukmergė district…

  • Justė Žvirblytė, Goda Padvelskytė 

    Justė Žvirblytė, Goda Padvelskytė 

    (Re)connecting. Alksnynė defense complex Vilnius Academy of ArtsAssociate professor: doc. Laura Malcaitė  What are we doing here? The principles of minimal intervention are applied to revive the territory of the defensive complex and its ecosystem while preserving its uniqueness and landscape changes. By combining dissolving constructed objects with “heavy” long-lasting structures, the aim is to…

  • Patricija Kell

    Patricija Kell

    Animated video En Passant Vilnius Academy of ArtsFaculty of Vilnius, Graphic designAssociate professor: Doc. Marius Zalneravicius The animated film „Crossing the Line” asks the question: how do you win an unfair game that you have to win? This game is a reflection of Lithuanian history, inviting us to recall the difficult struggle of the people…

  • Indrė Kirlytė

    Indrė Kirlytė

    Fashion design collection Consequences of the Wind Vilnius Academy of ArtsAssociate professor: Lect. Dainius Bendikas, Lect. Evelina Dragūnienė This collection draws inspiration from the powerful force of the wind and its impact on the environment. Using the language of design, it explores three wind-related elements: erosion, frozen moments, and different wind profiles. Erosion is depicted…

  • Liepa Marija Gradauskaitė

    Liepa Marija Gradauskaitė

    Sculptural object Pod Vilnius Academy of Arts Associate professor: Prof. dr. Vytautas Kibildis Pod is a woven sculptural object inspired by a childhood drawing by the designer with the possibility to store any desired items inside. The object was created based on the principles of children’s creativity in order to emphasize the importance of inner freedom.…

  • Ema Milašauskytė

    Ema Milašauskytė

    Wearable toys Assoc. prof. doc. Alevtina Ščepanova The subject of this research is clothing-toy. Piece of clothing was studied with a wider function as it has – a function of experimentation, creativity and playing. The problematic question of this research was how the act of playing would lengthen the life cycle of clothing? The concept…

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